We have been best friends since I was in first grade and she was in kindergarden. We have always lived right down the street from eachother. We were inseperable and always mistaken for sisters. Over the past year or so, she has somehow convinced herself that she is not beautiful enough for society and decided to starve herself to lose weight. She has always been a very short and skinny girl to start with so over time she has actually developed into what looks like a holocaust surviver. She has recently been in 2 treatment hospitals and had actually just gotten home from one. But I have just gotten word that she has hit her lowest weight of 78 pounds and that her body is slowly but surely shutting down...


Whatever it takes.

She’s going to be hospitalized tonight. I just got off the phone with her mom and she said she has a doctors appt. tonight and if she has lost anymore weight, which they know she has, then they are going to hospitalize her overnight and stabilize her, then the next day she will be sent to treatment about 3 or more hours away. Pray for her, think of her, send positive energy her way…whatever you do to wish the best for someone. She needs whatever she can get at this point. 

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